Sunday, August 7, 2016

Do You Know This Person?

So, the topic of my blog today is Who is this person?

When my mom was first arrested, and there was (typically, as you may have surmised from the previous blogs) a whole bunch of nonsense in the paper and the gossip was out of control.  The cops were trying to find as many victims as they imagined there were, and not surprisingly, they couldn't find A SINGLE ONE aside from the one that accused her.  They tried to bully many of her students into accusing her, but as she didn't abuse even one student (the cops and the paper lied, SURPRISE!! the only accuser was never her student) none of them would accuse her.

Well, the whole farce happened, my mom was threatened by the razzle dazzlers (see previous post) and the story was plastered all over everything that she was a horrible person and 'aren't we glad she is off the street' etc.

On to the enigmatic WHO--my mom was in a cell (back in the original case) and a female cop came to the entrance of her cell.  The woman was backlit, so her features weren't easily distinguished, and mom couldn't tell who she was.  This female cop told my mom that she knew mom wasn't guilty of being a terrible child molester, and that there wasn't really any evidence, and that there was a lot of evidence of misconduct by the officers "investigating" the case.  She said she had a son who had been a student of my mom's and that she asked him about her, because as a mother would naturally be, she was worried he may have been a victim.  She said her son shut that down very quickly, and said there was nothing even close to abuse from my mom.  She told my mom all these things, but basically said she couldn't do anything about it because she wasn't in a power position and would be punished.

So this is the crux of this post today-- Do You Know This Person???  Was it you??  If you have any clue who this person might be, or if the person I'm describing is you, let me know!!  Come forward and help us bring these hidden things of darkness to light!  Stop allowing the corruption to reign.  Let's work together to purge this garbage from the positions of power in our town!

Thank you

More to come...