Sunday, June 19, 2016

All Evil Starts With 15 Volts

In watching the Stanford Prison Experiment video on YouTube ( ) I caught hold of what I thought was a very interesting quote.  Dr Zimbardo says that 'All evil starts with 15 volts'.

He is of course talking about the Milgram study that had a box with switches labeled from 15 volts to 450 volts, and the findings that even "good, normal people" would shock the other person in the study up to incredibly high levels if the person in the white lab coat told them to.

So where do we see this 15 volt evil and how do we stop it before we get to fatal levels?  How do we stop people in authority positions from escalating their corruption until it reaches 450 volts?  

We stop it by bringing it into people's notice-- if we allow the hidden things of darkness to remain hidden in the dark then nobody notices the corruption and evil growing until it is too late.

So in our town, a 15 volt evil could have been a slight fabrication in some "evidence" presented by a cop in order to get a warrant.  It could have been a really nice "gift" from a person who wanted a judge to look the other way.  It could have been a "quote" that wasn't real, but was very emotionally powerful in a certain newspaper article.  It could have been any of these things, or myriad others that your imagination could concoct, and when nobody noticed the slight shock, nobody got a slap on the wrist for their misconduct, and the next time, they pushed the 30 volt switch instead.  Who cares?

Who cares when a police officer outright lies in order to get a warrant?  GRAMA requests show that evidence is made up after the fact to show things that seem terrible but are not even illegal, charges are brought and blown up to the point where it looks like the person accused has done some horrible thing, and there isn't even enough evidence STILL that the judge should have signed the warrant (even though the cop was granted many extra months by the judge in order to gather evidence)--but hey, the "justice" system as a team has pushed so many voltage buttons together over the years, that the judge better watch out or the cop might snitch, or vice versa!  The newspaper better report the "news" they are told to, or somebody might just find out that there isn't any real reporting going on!  The Prosecution better play ball with the cops, or someone will tell about their Prosecutorial misconduct...and on and on it goes.  

When you are holding the GRAMAs in your hands, when you have statements recorded that show lies, when you get reports from state officials and the Governor's office that directly contradict what your local "officials" are telling you, perhaps you have a RED FLAG.  Perhaps something bigger is going on here, perhaps there is some serious money changing hands, and some seriously dirty stuff going on.  

Oh wait, not perhaps.  Definitely.  And the evidence is there for those who have the eyes to see it.  

More to come.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

“Authority” Positions

When a person is in a position of authority, people these days tend to believe that person is infallible—however, Lord Acton knew differently.  He wrote in 1887: “All power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

So what’s the difference between people in 1887 and now?  Does power still corrupt?  My answer (backed up by a couple famous studies and my own life experience) is a resounding YES!!  For example: cops, or judges, or journalists, or really anyone “worshipped” as one in an authority position, when these people have had a taste of power, they do whatever they want—lie, cheat, steal, close their eyes to crime for the right $, you imagine it, they do it!  And if anyone dares to speak out and say, “Wait, that cop directly lied to that witness in the interrogation room over 40 times and we have it on video” or “that judge is taking bribes in order to save people from prison time” or “that reporter has no facts, she is just looking to be a cog in the ‘righteous justice’ wheel and perhaps get a few minutes of fame for reporting falsehoods”, that person is labeled an anarchist or a conspiracy theorist or a cop-hater.  Your ad hominem attacks won’t work here.  I have science and evidence on my side.

Have you heard of the Millgram Experiment?  How about the Stanford Prison Study?  If you know about them, you understand what I mean.  Arbitrarily chosen “authority” figures embraced their roles so fully and so quickly (minutes for the Millgram, and about a day for the Stanford) that they didn’t hesitate to give what they thought were lethal electric shocks to other arbitrarily chosen participants….How much more corruption if you know you have money, power, and/or a lifelong career behind your authority?? 

A quote from Dr. Zimbardo, who was in charge of the Stanford study, from a video on YouTube (

“There were a few guards who hated to see the prisoners suffer, they never did anything which would be demeaning of the prisoners. The interesting thing is none of the good guards ever intervened in the behavior of the guards who gradually became more and more sadistic over time." Keep in mind that "over time" in this quote is referring to 4 DAYS!!!  Back to Dr. Zimbardo: "We like to think there is this core of human nature that good people can’t do bad things and that good people will dominate over a bad situation, in fact, one way to look at the Stanford Prison Study is that we put good people in an evil place, and we saw who won.  Well, the sad message is, in this case, the evil place won over the good people.”

I believe the “evil place” wins over far more “authority” figures than we would care to admit.  I believe that the “good guards” go along to get along, instead of stirring things up-- out of well-founded fear in most cases!! 

I have taken a break, but I am back to do my part in exposing the hidden things of darkness to the most powerful disinfectant, the light!  Follow me to POLITICAL CORRUPTION, JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT, OUTRIGHT LIES IN THE LOCAL MEDIA, PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT, AND COPS SO BAD YOU CAN SMELL THEM FROM A MILE AWAY!!!

More to come.