Friday, March 18, 2016

To "Know"

I am again flabbergasted at the inanity of human beings tonight.  
My mom went to judge a martial arts tournament tonight, as she is a high ranking black belt and it was something she was asked to do by the guy putting the tournament on.  She came in, spent about ten minutes ready to be of service, then the guy running it came over and politely asked her to leave as "there are some parents here who know who you are".  Interesting.  There are some parents who think they "know" something, so she can't judge your tournament?!?
So some questions to these parents: whose responsibility is your child? even if my mom is a dangerous person, is she going to do something harmful in front of hundreds of people at a tournament?  how do you define "know"? where do you get your information? and finally, do you have no life that you spend your time catching up on the news and gossip about everyone else's reputation?
If your child is your responsibility, then no newspaper article absolves you of that.  No list online, no gossip from your friend.  YOU teach your child how to be safe, and then YOU watch out for them.  If I had a child, I wouldn't hesitate to let them associate with anyone if I was within eye and ear shot--what is that person going to do that I (or my well-trained child) couldn't thwart? Exactly nothing.  But I take responsibility for my life...weird.
Just what is going to happen at an event in front of hundreds of people?  Nothing, that's what--but go ahead and be paranoid and rude--after all she's less than human because she appears on some list.  Interesting who we as humans have decided is "less than human" over the years (pre-born babies, black people, ex-offenders--it's ok to treat them like dirt, they are less than human).
Some people "know" who you are??!! NO THEY DON'T.  They don't know anything.  They are dunces who believe that everything they read and hear is true.  The people who really know who she is know she is not a threat, and that she is a decent person, just trying to do her best each day.  
If my information about a person didn't come from a valid source, I wouldn't bank on it.  The local paper is far from a valid source, and your friend's gossip is even farther.  
Get a life--quit checking some list every day, looking at the articles in the yellow-rag-journal and chatting with your clueless friend on the phone, and get a hobby.  What you hear about someone isn't necessarily true, and even more so when someone gets monetary benefits for spreading that gossip, as I have detailed that the Prosecution absolutely does in cases of this sort.
How about this?  Put yourself in someone else's shoes for a second... Imagine that you were beaten brutally by your parents on a regular basis, which caused you to have a mental illness- now imagine that while you weren't in your right mind, you made a mistake.  ONE MISTAKE.  Now imagine that for the rest of your life you are subject to attacks, rudeness, possible arrest if an "officer" has a vendetta, stringent rules, etc etc etc.
Is anyone who is reading this blog exempt from making one mistake?  Only if Jesus is reading this.  Otherwise, each of you has messed up--probably in ways you wouldn't want anyone to know about.  How about we post that online and then point it out to you each time you attempt to live your life?!?!  You hypocrites--make sure you point some fingers.
May you be judged with the same judgment you judge.  
More to come...
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Monday, March 7, 2016

Offender Registry Counter Productive

From “The Counterproductive Catch-All of Supposed Sex Offenders” By Sadhbh Walshe

“Sex offender registries date back to the 1940s but they did not become mandatory in all states until the 1990s, when Congress began passing a series of laws such as the Jacob Wetterling Act (1994), Megan's Law (1996) and the Adam Walsh Act (2006) – all named for children who had been abducted, molested or killed. The registry was intended to prevent other children from falling victim to a similar fate, a desire shared by everyone. But the laws have so drastically expanded what qualifies as a sex offense, there are now over 700,000 Americans on the registry (pdf), many of whom have never harmed a child and are unlikely to ever harm a child, rendering it a self-defeating tool.

In some states, for instance, public urination is enough to get you on the registry, as is mooning, streaking, flashing or visiting a prostitute. A 19-year-old boy who has consensual sex with his 15-year-old girlfriend can be charged with statutory rape; a teenage girl who posts naked pictures of herself on any kind of file-sharing site can be charged as a distributor of child pornography.
The money, time, effort and manpower required to keep such broad categories of offenders (and so-called offenders) under surveillance is money, time, effort and manpower that is being diverted from monitoring those who pose a genuine threat. The argument, of course, is that when it comes to protecting children, you cannot take any chances. But there are sophisticated risk assessment tools available, and in use, that are far more effective means of identifying danger than making hundreds of thousands of people's lives unliveable.

It's easier, though, and politically more palatable, to declare zero tolerance for sex offenders and to keep passing laws that look good on the books. Never mind if they are actually counter-productive when it comes to actually keeping children safe.”
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Sunday, March 6, 2016


Just a short quote today:

"Labels are always limitation.  The reason we label people according to their ideologies, the reason we label people according to their race, or even their social economic background, is because if we can put a label on them, we don't have to do the hard work of discovering what they are really about."  -Steven Furtick

Perhaps we are so eager to label these ex-offenders so we don't have to do the hard work of actually figuring out whether they are dangerous, or whether they made a solitary mistake, or whether they were mentally ill, or really WHO they are at all.  It is certainly easier to slap a label on them and then feel justified in treating them badly, after all, all we can see of them is their label...

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Facts and Fiction about Sex Offenders

Found this article about Sex Offenders and I thought I'd share some of it with you guys.  I didn't write any of it, so all credit goes to Chris Dornin.

Facts and Fiction about Sex Offenders
By Chris Dornin, Retired Statehouse reporter
Published: 05/22/2010
Myth: Residency restrictions are harmless to sex offenders and protect kids
A 2005 survey of 135 Florida sex offenders by researchers Jill Levenson and Leo Cotter found that residency restrictions had forced 22 percent of this group to move out of homes they already owned. 25 percent were unable to return to their homes after release from prison. Respondents agreed in varying degrees with these statements about the impact of residency restrictions on their lives: 
  • I cannot live with supportive family members. 30%
  • I find it difficult to find affordable housing. 57%
  • I have suffered financially. 48%
  • I have suffered emotionally. 60%
  • I have had to move out of an apartment that I rented. 28%
The Iowa County Attorneys Association issued a position paper in 2006 opposing a 2,000 foot residency restriction against sex offenders from places where kids congregate. Among many criticisms, the prosecutors said, “Law enforcement has observed that the residency restriction is causing offenders to become homeless, to change residences without notifying authorities of their new locations, to register false addresses or to simply disappear. If they do not register, law enforcement and the public do not know where they are living. The resulting damage to the reliability of the sex offender registry does not serve the interests of public safety.” 

A 2007 report by the Minnesota Department of Corrections tracked 224 sex offenders released from prison between 1999 and 2002 who committed new sex crimes prior to 2006. The first contact between victim and offender never happened near a school, daycare center or other place where children congregate. The report concluded, “Not one of the 224 sex offenses would likely have been deterred by a residency restrictions law.” The study warned that these laws isolate offenders in rural areas with little social and treatment support, with poor transportation access and with few job opportunities. The resulting increase in homelessness makes them harder to track and supervise. “Rather than lowering sexual recidivism,” the report said, “housing restrictions may work against this goal by fostering conditions that exacerbate sex offenders’ reintegration into society.” 

A position paper on the current website of the Iowa Association of Social Workers says that concentrations of Iowa sex offenders are living in motels, trailer parks, interstate highway rest stops, parking lots and tents. The site notes many other unintended consequences: 
  • Families of offenders who attempt to remain together are effectively subjected to the same restrictions, meaning that they too are forced to move, and may have to leave jobs, de-link from community ties, and remove their children from schools and friends.
  • Physically or mentally impaired offenders who depend on family for regular support are prevented from living with those on whom they rely for help.
  • Threat of family disruption may leave victims of familial sexual abuse reluctant to report the abuse to authorities, thereby undermining the intention of the law.
  • Threat of being subjected to the residency restriction has led to a significant decrease in the number of offenders who, as part of the trial process, disclose their sexual offenses; consequently, fewer offenders are being held accountable for their actions.
  • Loss of residential stability, disconnection from family, and social isolation run contrary to the “best practice” approaches for treatment of sex offenders and thus put offenders at higher risk of re-offense.
  • No distinction is made between those offenders who pose a real risk to children and those who pose no known threat.
Here is the link to this whole article if you like, but I will very likely post a few more excerpts. 

More to come…
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Plea Bargaining is a go-to for a Lazy Attorney

More from the brief:

"Two specific cases involved in this court are both suspicious and questionable in their allegations because of their previous involvement with this Court in the past.
In March of 2014, CacheValleyDaily.Com reported that Cody Smith was booked into the Cache County Jail Tuesday afternoon. He's being held on two counts of rape of a child, three counts of rape, one count of object rape, one count of forcible sexual abuse and three counts of aggravated assault. In January of 2015 the Deseret News reported that Smith pled no contest to forcing a teenage girl to have sex with others. In this most bizarre situation, Smith is actually accused of forcing his own daughter, who is entangled in a custody matter, to have sex with other teenage boys. Prosecutor Barbara Lachmar said the credit goes to Smith's attorney, Susanne Gustin, who continued to work with her client and asked the County Attorney's Office to consider a settlement in the case. Gustin said she made one last effort to see if Smith wanted to continue with the trial, and Smith ultimately decided to accept the plea deal offered to him. "He felt it was the best thing for himself, and he didn't necessarily want to put [the remaining victims] on the stand," Gustin saicl. Once again, the case is settled by the preferred method of choice - Plea Bargaining!
One day prior to a Letter from the State of Utah Board of Pardons & Parole is written to Jeena
Nilson about applying for a Pardon, Jeena is arrested on six dubious Sex Offender Registration Violations. During her arrest she was brutally assaulted, in front of three of her grandchildren, with the arresting officers failing to read her Miranda Rights. To date there continues to be legal wranglings hoping to force Nilson in to accepting another plea bargain over the dubious charges. There are also voluminous records, which have been sent to the Attorney General of the State of Utah, to show a deliberate and orchestrated attempt to defame, injure and destroy Nilson, her family, and the business belonging to her children.
It is rumored that the special funding afforded through Rape and Sexual Assault: A Renewed Call To Action - The White House Council on Women and Girls dated January 2014 has resulted in a special fund to compensate Prosecutors, Judges, the Court and Public Defenders who arrange plea bargain agreements in sexual offence cases. While proof of the rumor has not been verified, the suggestion should cause serious alarm and a reasonable man would suggest, " Where there is Smoke, there is fire!"

Plea Bargaining, just the right answer for attorneys who don't actually want to do any work, and just want to keep raking in money!  Whether it's attorneys like our previous two ($15,000 and nothing but "you better plead") or Prosecutors like the one who has known about this case for 8 MONTHS and still doesn't even know the charges, it seems like the answer to not wanting to do any work (and get a nice Federal handout as well!) is to plea bargain.  Lazy, shoddy, dirty.

More to come…
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Beautiful Weekend

Back to the brief:
"Sadly, there is little evidence to show that Creative Prosecution (Prosecutorial Misconduct) is NOT an active component of the Judicial System here in Cache Valley and the voice of the people are beginning to cry under its oppression.
The 2002 conviction of Jeena Nilson could be the poster child of Wyatt's Creative Prosecution. After months of angry finger-pointing and controversy, surrounding a 17-month-old sexual abuse case, Nilson, who had been a prominent gymnastics teacher in Logan, was sentenced to prison, under a plea bargain, for molesting a 12-year-old boy in the mid-'90s. During the investigation more than 400 students were interviewed, while looking for victims. There was even a plea published in the Herald Journal asking someone to please get brave enough to come forward and accuse Nilson of abuse. Several former students of Nilson have also reported that they were subjected to attempts, by the investigators, to coerce them into making allegations against Nilson. The Herald Journal also reported that the Judge had also received more than 125 letters in support of Nilson, with about one fifth of them from youth under the age of 18.
In spite of all of the efforts to "find" victims, this case had only one accuser, who was not of student of Nilson. Her actual crime would have been classified as (l count) Class B
Misdemeanor Ex-Post-Facto, which had exceeded the Statutes of Limitation. After paying her attorney Shannon Demeler $10,000 for representation, Nilson pled guilty, at Demeler's advice, because she didn't have any chance of getting a fair trial while trying to defend herself against Sex Offender Charges. (A clear acknowledgement of the prosecutorial system here in Cache Valley.)
Demeler reassured Nilson that the judge would read the papers and know it was not possible for the charges to be true and he would sentence her lightly. However, when Nilson tried to rescind her plea Demeler said, "I hope you're not that damn dumb." He then told her that he didn't want to spend the weekend preparing a case, and neither did Wyatt, because it was a beautiful weekend and Demler wanted to fly his pigeons. Demeler stated that the Judge (Judkins), the Prosecutor (Wyatt) nor he, himself, wel'e willing to go through, in the media, what she had been through. Then he threatened her saying that if she didn't plead guilty, they would hurt her children and students like nothing she had yet seen. To protect her family and students, Nilson pled guilty to two second-degree felony charges of sexual abuse of a child.
Nilson was sentenced I to 15 years for each charge, to be served concurrently. However, she served five years in the Utah State Prison on an 18 month matrix. In 2007, she passed a State administered polygraph test that showed the above information was true."
Nobody wants to spend the weekend preparing a case, so no worries, you'll just spend 5 years in prison so I can FLY MY PIGEONS!! The words that describe this kind of behavior are unfit to put into print.  

More to come…
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