Saturday, January 30, 2016

Federal $$$$ for Guilty Pleas? Absolutely!

Did you know there are grants made available, through the abomination we call "Obamacare", for the judge and prosecuting attorney in the case of a sex offender who pleads guilty to a charge?  Well, it is behavior modification 101 that when you reward a behavior, that behavior tends to increase.  So, if attorneys and judges are rewarded when a sex offender pleads guilty, they probably want arrests of these people to increase in number.  How to "find" more of these offenders?  Why not just "be creative" and make them where they don't actually exist?!
From the Augusta Chronicle, quoting Scott Wyatt, former prosecuting attorney:"I had to work with them, get them to think like it's a murder or robbery investigation ..." he said. "They needed to think creatively."
THINK CREATIVELY?!  Yes, that's exactly what police officers should be trained in--creative thinking.  Not how to actually collect evidence, not how to read someone their rights (and actually allow that person to exercise said rights), not to handle possible altercations with people in the safest way possible for all involved, but how to think creatively.
Well, here in Logan Utah they've been trained well in Mr Wyatt's Creative Thinking school, because you are unlikely to find an officer quite as "creative" as, well, I'm not allowed to say his name, though his lies have been published on the front page of the local paper.  We'll just call him Sherlock.  Here is just one very creative "charge" against a person who is on the registry, but has been 100% compliant the whole time she has been on there, and has recently been contacted by the board of Pardons that she ought to be pursuing a pardon.  Sherlock is currently still trying to gather evidence to support this HEINOUS "crime":
Failure to disclose a website that listed her in conjunction with a private school.
Well, the accused did not create this website, nor does she have the computer ability to do so.  
Evidently, per the warrant this site no longer exists--which is news to the accused because she
 never knew it existed prior to this charge.  Because of a TYPO of her name on this website, 
she is accused of having an alias...Seriously?
One would hope that any person with 2 brain cells to rub together could come up with a better alias 
than a simple misspelling of their own name... But I suppose in the cop School of Creative Thinking, 
where an arrest leads to a possible plea (and a couple grand in your pocket from the Federal 
Government), this is considered actual police work.
Gold star Sherlock.

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