Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Courts and the Law being wielded as instruments of abuse

From an Amicus Brief filed in the First District Court of Cache County--which shows the tyrannical way in which this "justice" system is and has been operating.  Treading rough-shod over people and their families in order to promote the court's own agenda and pad the pockets of Attorneys and Judges.  These are some "Hidden Things of Darkness" and I think it is time that they are brought to light.
"In America, we have always championed the importance and our expectation of a level playing field.  During Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan's confirmation hearing in 2010, she described the courts as "level playing fields" where citizens receive "equal justice." - An ideal that is engraved in marble on the front of the Supreme Court building: "Equal Justice Under Law."
...Regrettably there has been a blurring of the boundaries of conduct.  No longer are we (the people) confident that the rules of the game can even be recognized, let alone that they will be followed.  Time once was when we knew our ethical limits and what could be expected.  But as 'greed became good' our traditional values seemingly fell by the wayside, leaving in its wake the destruction of trust.  Now under these conditions the people of this community are asking to be heard.
The community has been adversely affected by the actions of the plaintiff far beyond the defamation and economic losses of the defendant.  As individuals, businesses and nations we are bound together by a vast web of treaties, laws and rules of engagement.  Though sometimes complex and inefficient, these rules have prevented us from devolving and dropping into complete chaos.  They support our civilization and our very existence. The prosecution's blatant violations of trust have weakened the fabric of confidence that binds the community together.
However the most tragic impact has been the deliberate and calculated attempt of the prosecution to advance their plan, at the expense of another, with the aid of legal counsel and officers of the Court; because their participation has allowed the Courts and the Law to be wielded as instruments of abuse."

More to come...

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