Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Beautiful Weekend

Back to the brief:
"Sadly, there is little evidence to show that Creative Prosecution (Prosecutorial Misconduct) is NOT an active component of the Judicial System here in Cache Valley and the voice of the people are beginning to cry under its oppression.
The 2002 conviction of Jeena Nilson could be the poster child of Wyatt's Creative Prosecution. After months of angry finger-pointing and controversy, surrounding a 17-month-old sexual abuse case, Nilson, who had been a prominent gymnastics teacher in Logan, was sentenced to prison, under a plea bargain, for molesting a 12-year-old boy in the mid-'90s. During the investigation more than 400 students were interviewed, while looking for victims. There was even a plea published in the Herald Journal asking someone to please get brave enough to come forward and accuse Nilson of abuse. Several former students of Nilson have also reported that they were subjected to attempts, by the investigators, to coerce them into making allegations against Nilson. The Herald Journal also reported that the Judge had also received more than 125 letters in support of Nilson, with about one fifth of them from youth under the age of 18.
In spite of all of the efforts to "find" victims, this case had only one accuser, who was not of student of Nilson. Her actual crime would have been classified as (l count) Class B
Misdemeanor Ex-Post-Facto, which had exceeded the Statutes of Limitation. After paying her attorney Shannon Demeler $10,000 for representation, Nilson pled guilty, at Demeler's advice, because she didn't have any chance of getting a fair trial while trying to defend herself against Sex Offender Charges. (A clear acknowledgement of the prosecutorial system here in Cache Valley.)
Demeler reassured Nilson that the judge would read the papers and know it was not possible for the charges to be true and he would sentence her lightly. However, when Nilson tried to rescind her plea Demeler said, "I hope you're not that damn dumb." He then told her that he didn't want to spend the weekend preparing a case, and neither did Wyatt, because it was a beautiful weekend and Demler wanted to fly his pigeons. Demeler stated that the Judge (Judkins), the Prosecutor (Wyatt) nor he, himself, wel'e willing to go through, in the media, what she had been through. Then he threatened her saying that if she didn't plead guilty, they would hurt her children and students like nothing she had yet seen. To protect her family and students, Nilson pled guilty to two second-degree felony charges of sexual abuse of a child.
Nilson was sentenced I to 15 years for each charge, to be served concurrently. However, she served five years in the Utah State Prison on an 18 month matrix. In 2007, she passed a State administered polygraph test that showed the above information was true."
Nobody wants to spend the weekend preparing a case, so no worries, you'll just spend 5 years in prison so I can FLY MY PIGEONS!! The words that describe this kind of behavior are unfit to put into print.  

More to come…
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