Friday, March 18, 2016

To "Know"

I am again flabbergasted at the inanity of human beings tonight.  
My mom went to judge a martial arts tournament tonight, as she is a high ranking black belt and it was something she was asked to do by the guy putting the tournament on.  She came in, spent about ten minutes ready to be of service, then the guy running it came over and politely asked her to leave as "there are some parents here who know who you are".  Interesting.  There are some parents who think they "know" something, so she can't judge your tournament?!?
So some questions to these parents: whose responsibility is your child? even if my mom is a dangerous person, is she going to do something harmful in front of hundreds of people at a tournament?  how do you define "know"? where do you get your information? and finally, do you have no life that you spend your time catching up on the news and gossip about everyone else's reputation?
If your child is your responsibility, then no newspaper article absolves you of that.  No list online, no gossip from your friend.  YOU teach your child how to be safe, and then YOU watch out for them.  If I had a child, I wouldn't hesitate to let them associate with anyone if I was within eye and ear shot--what is that person going to do that I (or my well-trained child) couldn't thwart? Exactly nothing.  But I take responsibility for my life...weird.
Just what is going to happen at an event in front of hundreds of people?  Nothing, that's what--but go ahead and be paranoid and rude--after all she's less than human because she appears on some list.  Interesting who we as humans have decided is "less than human" over the years (pre-born babies, black people, ex-offenders--it's ok to treat them like dirt, they are less than human).
Some people "know" who you are??!! NO THEY DON'T.  They don't know anything.  They are dunces who believe that everything they read and hear is true.  The people who really know who she is know she is not a threat, and that she is a decent person, just trying to do her best each day.  
If my information about a person didn't come from a valid source, I wouldn't bank on it.  The local paper is far from a valid source, and your friend's gossip is even farther.  
Get a life--quit checking some list every day, looking at the articles in the yellow-rag-journal and chatting with your clueless friend on the phone, and get a hobby.  What you hear about someone isn't necessarily true, and even more so when someone gets monetary benefits for spreading that gossip, as I have detailed that the Prosecution absolutely does in cases of this sort.
How about this?  Put yourself in someone else's shoes for a second... Imagine that you were beaten brutally by your parents on a regular basis, which caused you to have a mental illness- now imagine that while you weren't in your right mind, you made a mistake.  ONE MISTAKE.  Now imagine that for the rest of your life you are subject to attacks, rudeness, possible arrest if an "officer" has a vendetta, stringent rules, etc etc etc.
Is anyone who is reading this blog exempt from making one mistake?  Only if Jesus is reading this.  Otherwise, each of you has messed up--probably in ways you wouldn't want anyone to know about.  How about we post that online and then point it out to you each time you attempt to live your life?!?!  You hypocrites--make sure you point some fingers.
May you be judged with the same judgment you judge.  
More to come...
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  1. Wow, what a class act. Guy running the tournament had a noble chance to stick up for her, and I bet he knows she's not a danger to anyone, but instead weenies out and panders to the ignorant soccer mom...