Monday, February 29, 2016


Deviating from the brief for one day more…

So, another court date today, and nothing much got done.  I get that from our attorney, since she has been on the case only a matter of weeks, but what’s up with the Prosecution?  The Prosecution hasn’t even READ the CHARGES!!  Which begs a number of questions in my mind.

First question, how could our previous attorneys say that the Prosecution was willing to plea bargain it down to pleading guilty on one charge and they’d drop the others, if they haven’t even read them?  How do they know if there is even one that ought to stand, or on the other hand, how do they know there aren’t 47 heinous charges?!?  THEY HAVEN’T EVEN READ THEM, HOW CAN THEY BE READY TO BARGAIN?  This shows, at least in my understanding, that they are used to how the system works, and they know that there are many many charges levied in order to hopefully have one stick (dishonest) and they don’t really want to find justice, they just want to collect as much tax-payer money as possible for as little work as possible.  If they don’t even need to know what the charges are, and they’re willing to make a deal, I smell a rat.

Second question, how much crime (or should I say “crime”) do we have in this fairly small and quiet town when the Prosecution can’t even be bothered to know what “horrible criminals” he is facing that day in court by brushing up on their information, information that he ought to have read close to the arrest of the person, in order to decide whether the case even warranted the court’s time?! Perhaps we should lay off the arrest of people who don’t use an indicator to change lanes (legitimately one of the charges against one man in court today…) and stick to real crimes, with real criminals, you know, like Corpus Delicti and all that…

Last question (for this post at least) is what exactly does the Constitution mean when it says in Amendment 6: “…the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial…”?  I mean, EIGHT MONTHS LATER and the Prosecution hasn’t even read the charges!  That doesn’t seem speedy to me.  And as far as public, I’m pretty sure the Founding Fathers didn’t mean the public smear campaign that has happened in the newspaper, so that stipulation hasn’t exactly been met either.

Seems like the oaths to the Constitution that these people have taken didn’t quite make an impression. 

More to come…
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