Monday, February 8, 2016

A Little Super Bowl Comparison

So, the Super Bowl happened yesterday (as everyone, even a non-football-watcher like myself has to know unless you live under a rock) and I'm sure that there are strong opinions about the outcome. There are always strong opinions about the outcomes of sports.  Which makes me wonder, "what if people cared as much about things that really truly matter as much as they do about sports?"

Hence a Super Bowl comparison, to hopefully help people understand the way that some of us feel...

Let's pretend that there is a football referee who has been hired to work the Super Bowl, only he doesn't really care about the rules, because he feels that his opinion is superior to the rules, and he knows that "for the good of everyone" he must ignore, bend, even flagrantly break the rules in order to push his own agenda.  So he plans to do so.

He absolutely changes the trajectory of the game, throwing flags on plays that don't deserve it, allowing players that he likes to do whatever they want, and basically deciding unilaterally which of the football rules are "good" for "everyone" at any particular part of the game.  Some people are mad, but the people whose views happen to align with the corrupt ref think those people are crazy conspiracy theorists who don't understand that the ref is really right, he is not held down by the rules because he is above the rules, he gets to decide the rules on the spot because after all, he is the ref--the authority figure.

The game definitely wouldn't be fair, and people would be mad about it and complain to the NFL--fire this ref!!  What if the NFL got his back and said, "well, we disagree with what he did, but he's one of our striped brothers, so we have to get his back, really, he's only one bad apple ref, it's not a big deal, how many people can one bad ref actually hurt?"

If this happened, people all over the country would notice, people all over the country would care.  What about real life?  Cops (some of which truly do fit the Criminals On Public Salary moniker) are allowed to interpret, bend, and break laws, even flagrantly LIE in order to push their own agenda, to "make the world better for everyone" by helping their "team" win, and nobody seems to notice nor care.  These are real people whose lives are being touched, harmed, ruined, even taken by police overstepping and brutality, but it doesn't make a stink like a corrupt ref would.

Hmmm.  When are we going to hold these "authority figures" to the laws they have taken an OATH to uphold?  When are we going to say enough is enough--you are not our rulers, you are our servants!  SERVE AND PROTECT does NOT mean "choose which laws you like, which laws fit your agenda, and go ahead and break the others" and it doesn't give you the right to lie.  You should be the example of upholding the laws, not the overlords who are above the law and will hurt their "underlings".

Do you hear me, Sherlock?  And all you other bad apples?  You will get yours, whether in this life or the next, for your unrighteous dominion and your lying and your cheating and your breaking of your sacred oath.

More to come...

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