Thursday, February 4, 2016

Failure by Cop to Understand the term “Volunteering”

Let’s have a look at another creative claim by our illustrious star student:
Failure to report volunteering at A Certain Gymnastics School(hereafter ACGS)
It is not illegal to own businesses, and it is not required to report ownership of businesses. People have seen her at ACGS dropping off and picking up her grandchildren, as any normal grandma would do. However, she does not, nor ever has owned ACGS, nor has she received any employment payment from ACGS. She does however volunteer to repair HER OWN mats, fix and purchase equipment, etc. – which is primarily done at her home residence. The reporting of this volunteer activity, and her playing musical instruments at funerals, and other church functions, has since been rectified with her SO Registry Officer. (Petty!) Under the reasoning of the detective who gathered this damning evidence, she should also be reporting that she cleans her own house, shovels her own driveway, and washes her own car.

This one is so self-explanatory and OBVIOUSLY RIDICULOUS that I don’t feel like it needs any further comment.

More to come…

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