Friday, February 19, 2016

The AG

My brother attended a meeting here in town a few nights ago, where he met and spoke to the Attorney General.  It seemed to be a great meeting.  He was able to have some questions answered and also to receive the word of the AG that he will work to correct the corruption in the system.  Just because it is easier to go back on your word when not many people know about it, I'm gonna go ahead and include here in my blog, parts of the letter written to the AG by my brother so that it's out there in the open. (Of course, names have been withheld)

"Mr. Attorney General, 

It was a pleasure to meet you Wednesday at the historic courthouse Council Chambers, and to hear your verbal commitment to root out corruption in my/our local justice system. I wish it didn't exist, but unfortunately there are some serious issues going on...

I'm honestly not sure where to start. I don't want to overwhelm you with documentation, but I want you to know that we have done our research, and are prepared to do our part in rooting out this corruption.

I will be as succinct as possible, while giving you enough of an overview to understand the seriousness of the situation.

The first and grossest instance of corruption I'm fighting for is a similar situation to the famous Utah (name withheld) fiasco, with some distinguishing features...

In summary, this middle aged woman pled (under threat from original attorney) to 2 felonies in 2002, and served 5 years in prison. (If she were guilty of these they would have occurred 22 years ago.)
Factually, proven by doctors she was mentally ill (suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder), and proven by polygraphs she was guilty of misdemeanors only (if Ex Post Facto weren't violated she would have actually not been guilty of any crimes).
Recently, 13 years since the wrongful conviction, with zero evidence of any illegal behavior, she was arrested and is currently being charged with 6 supposed violations of the law. (the charges are beyond pathetic - you will laugh when you read them...)
Factually, she was fully compliant to all official government requirements, and has been so ever since her original incarceration.

This case is very close to my heart - this is about my mom.

Once we resolve issues in her case, we intend to assist others who have experienced similar wrongful and devastating action by our justice system.

Here is a list of the documented violations of My mom's rights: (Please advise me which documentation you'd like me to send to you)

Prosecutorial Misconduct
Lying & threatening Attorneys
Lying & threatening Detective
Destruction of livelihood
4th Amendment violations
5th Amendment violations
6th Amendment violations
7th Amendment violations
8th Amendment violations
14th Amendment violations
Arrest upon accusation but no evidence of factual illegal action (i.e. arrested in June, but in October the arresting officer asked for and was granted an additional 2 months to gather evidence and witnesses...)
Charges made with no factual evidence of illegal action
Failure to read Miranda Rights upon arrest
Private property seized unlawfully
Re-introduction of the accusations in the original case (does this mean she can defend against these now? Is it double jeopardy? She did not plead guilty to the things that are being provided by the officer as evidence that she is "dangerous", neither was there a trial on them.)

We have finally found a decent attorney who is working with her on this, but given your responsibility and Oath of Office I know you also have a vested interest to correct the aforementioned violations.

Thank you again for your genuine listening to me Wednesday, and for your genuine efforts to protect each citizen of our great State."

Let's all keep an eye on our AG and see if he sticks to his Oath of Office and his word to my brother.  I hope that he will!  He seems like a man with integrity.

More to come...

We have secured a lawyer who is willing to take a down payment, so we're on the road!  She believes in the justice system enough to actually use it rather than try to make a back room deal and tell my mom to plead.  Please visit this link and help us.  Thank you for your generosity!

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  1. i love this i hope he has integraty and will look into this. good job