Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Statement to the Court

As you know, if you have been following this blog and the fundraiser attached, we have been trying to replace a couple of attorneys who claimed in the beginning that they were fighters, but turned out to be pansies who only wanted to fight with my mom, while they chatted and met with and dined and held hands with the Prosecution.  Continuing to take money, they did no work that we can see, and proceeded to take thousands of dollars.  As of Tuesday morning, we have secured another attorney who seems like one who is willing to fight and not lie and go behind the scenes to make silly deals.
Tuesday was supposed to be a hearing, but when we arrived at the court. my mom's name was not on the docket.  Turns out the Prosecution knew that we were struggling to find a decent attorney, so he proceeded to just take us off the docket.  While we were still thinking that she may have to stand in front of the judge and explain that she was without representation for the moment, she wrote the following statement.  I include it here because it shows the corruption of the system from her point of view:
“Previous attorneys have depleted my resources by $18,000 and rendered me broke.  I stand before you innocent until proven guilty.  The State cannot prove me guilty simply because I am not guilty.  The State has the visibility and power to mock, media gossip, prevaricate, imagine, twist, threaten, cut deals, dramatically bite their proverbial knuckles, chide and make afraid, but they cannot prove.  So far over 60 people have donated money to help me hire an attorney who has a spark of belief that there is enough integrity in this system that they don't have to make a back room deal for someone who is not guilty.  I have $6,000 on my way to that end and I am diligently and anxiously working to engage said attorney using the other assets I have left and joyfully accepting donations from others willing to help me.

I have been put in this precarious position by one singular, lonely, prideful, tiny, small, paranoid, prevaricative, quixotic, imaginative cop, working outside of his jurisdiction, creating panic from thin air, making unsubstantiated accusations in order to procure a baseless warrant in opposition to facts of record from Utah AP&P, Cache County Sheriff, Logan City Records and the SO Registry.  He asked for, and was granted, a full 2 additional months to go about gathering evidence and accusations against me, 4 months AFTER having orchestrated my arrest and media execration and his assault on my children and grandchildren's business, when his evidence should have been absolutely tight before a judge was even asked to grant that warrant.  It seems he has more time than crime on his hands.

I won't need as long as 2 months to engage an attorney.  I apologize for the inconvenience to the court.  Please know that I, and my family, understand inconvenience."

Seems like he has more time than crime on his hands.  I would laugh if it weren't so painfully true.  When a cop has to lie in order to secure a warrant, then can use the media to help him make someone look like a villain, then use his badge to bully or coerce people into "helping" his case, putting things off for months and months while he finds nothing after nothing-- and the system allows him to do this, and continues to support him, we have a problem.
More to come...
Please help us fight this corrupt system with the help of our new attorney--Thanks very much!

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