Sunday, February 7, 2016

We Don’t Need that kind of Help!

Sherlock has written to the court that his efforts in accusing and arresting my mother are to “help” her not re-offend.

In order for her to be guilty of the crimes she pled guilty to in 2002, they would have had to have been committed 22 years ago.  Please note (4) things.
          1) That would have been 1993. She wasn't coaching until 1997.  Therefore, she couldn't POSSIBLY have been a coach at the time.  So there is no logical connection to Sherlock’s fantasy that her being a coach has anything to do with anything.
          2) It would have been beyond the statute of limitations under the law to even charge her after the year 2000. (UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!)
          3) That would mean there has been NO RE-OFFENSE for 22 years, which would include the 8 years from the time of the offense(s) to the initial arrest as well as the 8 1/2 years since she was released from prison.
          4) When she was sentenced, this was expungable and not a SO Registry black hole.  Laws were changed and applied to her retroactively. (ALSO UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!)
Arresting someone to “help” them not reoffend is somewhat like killing someone when they're 30 in order that they won't have the pains of old age. You can't guarantee that they're going to have the pains of old age!  This type of pre-emptive strike against her is an astounding abuse of power.
Apparently the Police Department thinks they employ Finch and Reese from the television show Person of Interest.

More to come…

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