Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Or Maybe—Let’s have More Registries!

So, in case you are of the ilk that believes the sex-offender registry is a good thing (in which case, you obviously haven’t done your homework) why not have registries for everything?!  Then the nanny government can just take care of all of our thinking for us and we don’t have to ever KNOW anyone in order to judge them, we simply look at what registry they are on.  GREAT IDEA! (Sense the sarcasm here, people!)

My Surely not Comprehensive List of Registries that should be Implemented:
Murderer registry
Robber registry
Drug user registry
Liar registry (must provide three witnesses for every statement they ever make)
Thief registry (some countries cut your hand off-a registry would be simply "procedural")
Embezzler registry (this will go a long ways to be sure they never get hired again… It is unfortunate that they would not have the opportunity to ever have a job again but that just comes as a consequence from their decision to embezzle)
Animal killer registry
Texted while driving registry (their phone bills should be doubled, they should renew their driver license every year, every six months they should check in to see if their phone time matches their driving log)
Drowsy driver registry
Lust registry
Speeding registry
Divorced registry
Hypocrite registry/Tattletale registry/Gossip registry/False witness bearer registry/"confessing other people's sins instead of my own" registry (We've got to be sure we cover all the bases on that one)
Cheated my employer registry
Bad temper registry (high potential abuse risk here, mandatory anger management class – or if they have ever been to an anger management class they go on automatically, just because they haven't hurt somebody doesn't mean they aren't going to. If they've shown signs of having a bad temper they’ve got to be on the registry for abuse issues because there is a high probability that they potentially are the type that would hurt somebody possibly)
Mean person registry (just in case we missed anybody in the bad temper registry-this could include anybody who makes a bigoted comment, a joke in poor taste, etc.)
Betrayer registry
Suicidal thoughts registry (this registry should for sure be lifetime registry requirement-it should include anyone who has ever seen a counselor for any reason)
Repented persons registry
Not allowed to repent registry

Anyone on any of these registries has hurt someone else, and so deserve to be punished for the rest of their lives!  All giving them another job (chance, relationship, etc) would do is put them in a situation where they have temptation. You know, someone who has that Temptation should never be allowed to be in a situation where they might have to fight it or else they will surely offend again.

OK, I can’t continue any longer.  If you don’t see the ridiculous nature of such a thing as this by now, you never will.  The government shouldn’t be in the position to continue to hurt anyone who has repented and paid for their crimes. Period.

More to come….

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