Saturday, February 6, 2016

Just a Few Bad Apples?

From a Facebook post by Jeremy McLellan Comedy.
“Whenever the topic of police brutality comes up, people always say “it’s just a case of a few bad apples.” But the expression is not “a few bad apples are really annoying” or “one bad apple makes the others look bad.” It’s “one bad apple SPOILS the bunch.” That’s why farmers get rid of bad apples. They don’t defend bad apples. They don’t give bad apples promotions. They don’t let bad apples take early retirement with full pensions. They throw them out to protect the good ones. If police departments want the respect of the public, they have to earn it by showing us they actually care about their product. Until then, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume the whole barrel is spoiled, and the farmer doesn’t care.”

Hey any good cops out there—If you want us to believe that not all cops are “bad apples” it’s time for you to stop covering up for your brothers in blue and start calling them on their crap.  It’s time for the decent cops in Logan City to throw the “Sherlocks” out before they do more damage to the citizens who pay your paycheck.

Perhaps you readers wouldn’t consider the arrest of an ex-offender to be brutality, but what does it look like to you when my mom, who was still suffering from the effects of a terrible motorcycle accident, gets thrown down in her own driveway in front of her grandchildren?  Good police work by people who are just trying to protect their community?  Ha! Try grown up bullies exercising the power they are allowed to keep holding because the citizens and their fellow officers allow them to continue to treat people as less than human.

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