Tuesday, February 9, 2016

So Now We’re Allowed to ARREST People for things that Aren’t Illegal?!?

Sherlock continues to make phone calls and drum up attention about my mother being in ACGS on occasion.  He acts worried and in a fret and expresses concern about her “being helped to not re-offend” and about “addressing community concern.”    

LCPD records, acquired through GRAMA, indicate that ACGS is not a protected area. Therefore, it is not illegal to be in ACGS.  Why is this being made an issue?  This officer, the Sherlock Holmes of Northern Utah (hence his little pet name here on my blog), has petitioned (coerced, begged, threatened?) a few letters from “concerned” people who say that they’ve seen my mom in the gym, and he is using them as “evidence” in his case and as justification for arrest and 6 charges (many of which we have covered here, all of which we will cover here, and we will show that they are absolutely ridiculous).  How can something be evidence when the thing that it “proves” is not illegal?!?  That baffles me.  If an action is not illegal, it doesn’t matter how many people don’t like it, the police cannot justifiably arrest someone for that action. 

Even if the concern is because a person is an ex-offender, community concern does not condone police abuse.  Community concern does not justify the taking of money and resources.  Community concern does not justify harming a woman and her family, and threatening to continue to do so unless the woman and her family bend their backs and “yes massa” just like the people who were considered less-than-human in years past.

More to come…

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