Sunday, February 14, 2016


Since we had a little Scripture yesterday, I might as well follow it up today with one more scriptural discussion.

God thought it was so important that we have our agency (the freedom to choose and take the consequences of our actions) that he lost a third part of his children in the war in heaven.  Lucifer wanted to make sure that none of us sinned and then we all could go back to heaven, but Lucifer is evil.  The evil one is the one who wants to make sure that none of us sin, and the righteous one is the one who wants us to have agency.

So, if a person here on earth (Sherlock) feels that it is his job to make sure that someone doesn’t sin (re-offend) and so he punishes them before they can (if that was even their intention, which in this case, nearly twenty years of not offending proves that it is definitely not the intention) then is he placing himself in a station equal to Lucifer?  Sure seems like it.  Seems like he is placing himself firmly in the camp of the one who wanted to take God’s glory.

Somewhat megalomaniacal, no?  About par for the grown up bullies who we allow to run rough-shod over us in our lives.

More to come…

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