Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Not Alone

Here are some excerpts from a couple other people who have written to us about their experiences with the local “justice” system (their names have obviously not been shared):

“This is really important. I have watched cache county abuse "legally" who they choose, while endorsing and supporting others, unprosecuted. The attorney you use makes a world of difference. It is the difference between prison, at times. I have witnessed this. Tell your mother to trust God and pray for
a sense of peace as she endures this trial. The state of Utah has been sued for showing favor to the party with the most money for attorney fees in the family courts. Do not give up.”

“I know how corrupt the justice system in this state and especially in this valley is. It’s all about money and it’s just a big business. The police here are always looking for reasons to get people in the system. it doesn't matter if the people are ultimately innocent or not, they don't care, they just want as many people in the system as they can get. It’s their business and it circulates money… My friend's dad is a defense attorney in Logan and he tells us stories all the time of police here falsifying police reports, lying, and stacking charges which is against the constitution. The cache county prosecutor (name withheld) just got indicted on federal charges of luring witnesses, embellishing testimonies, and witness tampering. He was taking key witnesses in Logan cases out to lunch and paying them off to say certain things that would guarantee the prosecutions win. Overall, I don't ever judge anyone even when people are found guilty because we all make mistakes and that's what were here on earth to do is to make mistakes and learn. I believe even murders can be forgiven there is a reason everyone does anything and it doesn't matter the reason it matters that we all learn from we did….”

So, it’s not just my own “conspiracy theory” viewpoint that something stinks to high heaven here.  As I said yesterday, take a look at your own “justice” system… Why do we give these bullies this power?

More to come…

We have hired a new attorney. She agreed to allow us to pay her part up front and make payments on the rest.  If you want to help fight this corrupt system, please click the following link- thank you for your generosity!

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